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Block crystal vase

Shop here for a beautiful block crystal vase. Block vases typically have straight edges, substantial heft, and a wide base, making them a stable and attractive vase for displaying flowers, whether a single stem or a full bouquet. The square shape means there is a large surface area contacting the table, making this type of vase quite stable as compared to a vase with a smaller foot part. Also, I find the stark lines of this kind of vase contrasts nicely with the flowing lines so typical of flowers.

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This page helps people find a block crystal vase. While some block vases are made of regular glass and sometimes even plastic, specifying crystal as the material means that an item would be made of leaded glass, which is what crystal used in pottery typically is. Note that this definition of crystal differs from the more scientific use, discussed here. Typically block vases made of crystal are clear. The above vases may also be of interest for those looking for a block crystal tulip vase at a good price. Hope this page has been useful in your search.